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Assuage fears, calculate risks, and provide the proper information to prospective students. 

Download the survey results from March 2021 
from over 21,400 respondents >> 

We all want a return to normalcy, but disagree on the path to reach that goal. This report aims to distinguish the differences between varying concerns and preferences to allow for better communication of planned policies.

  • If you know what proportion of your prospective students would be more likely refuse to enroll at an institution with strict mask, distancing, or vaccine policies, would you communicate your own policies differently?
  • If you knew what type of students remain undecided on housing would you segment that population to call out the safety measures in your housing plan?

Many of our client institutions are challenged with questions about masks, learning formats, vaccines, and more, and in our effort to strategize effective communication plans with our partners, we want to provide that information to our industry at large.

Through improved and informed communication and strategy, we can assuage fears, calculate risks, and provide the proper information to the groups that require it to continue.

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Our research results are meant to inform and prepare institutions, not necessarily guide policy. For most, the policies surrounding virtual learning, mask wearing, housing, and vaccinations may already be set, but the reactions to those policies must be predictable and understood in order for institutions to properly communicate with students.

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