Obtain Your Class Through Individualized Yield Modeling


Large publics, highly selective institutions, and schools that do not use financial aid leveraging cannot rely on that tool to shape an incoming class. For that portion of the higher education market, being able to predict yield at a granular level is essential.

Do you struggle to predict the yield of your admit pool?  Do you worry about meeting your enrollment goals?  Do you wonder whether you have the right number of admits?  At Maguire Associates, we use predictive modeling to strip away much of this uncertainty.

Predictive modeling of yield uses rigorous statistical techniques to predict yield on an individual-student basis, providing insights into enrollment behavior that you can use to craft an admissions strategy that will fit your specific institutional needs and goals.  Our models allow you to:

Better understand the factors that predict enrollment decisions at your institution and use that knowledge to influence enrollment outcomes during the admissions stage of the cycle.
Predict the discount rate and revenue of your enrolling class.
More confidently meet tight capacity restrictions and enrollment guidelines.
Determine how many admits you need, both overall as well as in segments of interest (by program, state residency, etc.), to reach your goals.
Develop a stronger sense of whether and when you will need to go to your waitlist.

Our predictive modeling solutions also come with Maguire Analytics, our interactive, online data visualization tool, that will allow you to carefully measure your progress toward goals throughout the cycle.

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