Our Secondary and Private Elementary School Offerings

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Maguire Associates is a research-based consulting firm that serves educational institutions. We’ve been in the business for over 35 years, during which time we’ve provided our clients with the customized insights needed to make strategic decisions unique to their institutions.

Some of our offerings include:


Brand Analytics and School Climate Assessments

What is your image and reputation? How does it stack up against other schools?

Our assessments paint comprehensive, in-depth, and objective situational pictures, and offer insights that are often difficult for those deeply involved in the day-to-day work to see. We specialize in understanding your positioning through customized stakeholder research, as well as assessing your marketing and communications materials and operations.


Pricing and Value Research

Are we priced appropriately? Can we make more effective use of financial aid?

Refinement of your financial aid strategy can help meet enrollment and revenue goals and inform price sensitivity analyses. We conduct sophisticated research using your data and research with prospective families to show how applications and enrollment may change under different pricing and awarding scenarios.


Geo-Demographic Market Scans

Are there markets that deserve more recruitment efforts?

Starting with your school data, we identify mission-matching and mismatching markets based on admittance and yield rates. We profile the current market, how it has changed, and how it is projected to change. And, using a demographic scoring algorithm we identify target markets that have historically not provided many students.


Comparator/Competitor Assessments

Can we position ourselves more effectively against our competition?

Independent schools are increasingly competing not only with each other but with local public, charter, and magnet options. We evaluate your unique and complex environment by assessing the digital presence, recruitment and communication strategies, organizational structure,  brand positioning, among other customized characteristics and qualities.


Customized Enrollment Management Assessments

Does our school utilize best practice? Are our strategies and personnel optimal and organized to lead to success?

Our customized studies go further and deeper into enrollment management. Not only do we identify top competitors and factors that influence decisions, but we provide insights on price sensitivity, evaluations of your institution’s admissions process, uncover educational outcomes from your alums, and learn what drives your institution’s value. Work with you to inform and make data-driven decisions about admissions, communications, and marketing.      

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