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You Choose the Topics for Our Next Nationwide COVID Research

Our Research is In-Depth with Thousands of Respondents

Our March national survey on the impacts of COVID-19 was extremely well received by the higher ed industry. The report was shared and discussed on webinars attended by over 2,700 people and featured in articles in Inside Higher Ed and Businessweek as well as influenced research for the New England Board of Higher Education. More importantly, the findings are helping schools navigate this pandemic by providing information regarding the COVID-19 impact on students’ and parents’ decision making, and offering guidance for creative solutions to the most challenging admission cycle in memory.

Now we're asking for your input on a new national survey that we will soon be launching. This new research will be a broader survey that will delve deeper into differences in ethnicity, rurality, school choices, and more. Choose the topics and questions that are most important to your institution. Take our 1-minute survey to prioritize topics such as:

Gap Year Intentions: Know more about which types of students are most likely to melt, what their plans are for a gap year, and why they're leaning toward their decision. Will it be a year off or a community college?
Impact on Ability to Pay: Collect data beyond FAFSA information on the impact unemployment spikes have had on income and loan eligibility.
Safety Concerns: Understand students' concerns about safety for in-person learning in a classroom or about dormitory life with double and triple occupancy.
Assigning Value to Learning Types: Evaluate the value different types of students may attribute to on-campus learning, online learning, distance learning, or a hybrid approach. Is a hybrid of on-campus labs and virtual classrooms necessarily valued less than an on-campus experience? Do they expect discounted tuition?

While there are a plethora of snap surveys out there, our results speak for themselves. We aren't polling 200 students or interviewing 30 enrollment managers, rather our reports look at thousands of responses from many different regions, from parents, transfers, internationals students, and more. That's why our findings are being discussed in The Chronicle, Businessweek, Inside Higher Ed, and Bloomberg News. COVID-19's impact is ever-evolving and our industry has to be agile to deal with the changing environment. Your responses will help us serve higher ed best.

Take our 1-minute survey.