Prioritizing Finite Resources with Absolute Confidence


Attracting students can be a time intensive and expensive process, especially if you’re targeting students who are unlikely to enroll. Do you have targeting strategies in place so you can set your focus on those students who fit your enrollment needs and have the greatest likelihood of enrolling?

Using quantitative analysis and our extensive recruitment experience, we build custom models to transform raw admission and recruitment data into actionable information to inform your admission strategy. We call it EMPOWR.

By scoring every student record, we give your team the ability to set priorities immediately, but more importantly, we consult on the many ways you can use this tool to your advantage. Want to limit spending? You can now decide which groups should and shouldn’t receive a robust (expensive) print package versus an email-only campaign. Looking for a greater headcount? The tagging lets you quickly determine which 200 students should receive phone calls from your counselors who lack hours in their days to call the entire list. Want to foresee and avoid demographic shift issues? You’ll know in advance if your inquiry pool indicates a very different incoming class while there is still time to adjust your recruitment.

Too many colleges and universities resort to a communications plan that treats all prospective students equally. When armed with information about how likely it is that certain prospects will convert to applicants, there is so much more that you can do to achieve multiple admissions goals.

In fact, we are confident that if we ranked your inquiries into deciles, the top decile would account for more than 60% of your enrollment and the top 3 would account for almost all of your enrollment! With that information, how would you manage your admissions differently?

Take a deeper dive into what can be done with EMPOWR or submit an inquiry below and we’ll be happy to walk you and your team through it.

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