Whitepaper: Price Reset? Conduct Pricing Research First!

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As top-line tuition price and discount rates continue to grow, tuition resets and price reductions are being discussed much more frequently. COVID-19 should not be the only reason to lower tuition, and some schools are not faring well in their attempts to do so.

The real driver of tuition changes: the attitudes of prospective families.

These “tuition resets” are sometimes designed to signal value and affordability rather than a reduction of the actual cost of attendance. Maguire Associates specifically highlights what it takes to conduct the right research before making a price reset in a recent report, available for download here.  

Pricing Research Whitepaper Download

Enrollment and Financial Aid Expert

Dr. Michael Keane, Maguire Associates


Benefiting from pricing and value research is the first step in propelling your institution into new student markets.

Make informed decisions about tuition. Our informational report is available for you to download, above.