Predictive Modeling's Many Valuable Insights

EMPOWR Header3.jpg

How would your institution prefer to use modeling? To spend more efficiently? To prioritize limited resources? To recognize shifting demographics before students have even applied?

Through harnessing your student data, our custom models can predict the likelihood of your inquiries converting to applicants. We have partnered with many admissions teams to unlock this information at the top of the funnel and discover the best ways to use it:

  • A Northeast college sent late communications to inquiries tagged as "high likelihood," and gained 200 applications for the current cycle.
  • A Southern liberal arts university increased the conversation rate of the top two model groups by 18.2% and 9.2% in one year.
  • A mid-sized Midwestern college increased applications by 30% over a 10-year partnership.
  • Another Northeast institution increased applications by 2% in one year while simultaneously cutting print costs by $70,000.

As applicant conversion is a critical piece of full-funnel enrollment management, Maguire Associates includes this service with most financial aid leveraging offerings, but it is available on its own. Which do you prefer?

Ask about EMPOWR, our predictive modeling