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Vision and leadership can transform an institution: Northeastern University's story.

April 09, 2019

The story of Northeastern is a transformative one. From 1996-2006, Northeastern changed perceptions about itself, changing the university.

How to Harness an Increase in Applications

February 08, 2019

Recently the Washington Post article Early College Admissions by the Numbers expounded upon a situation many admissions teams would only hope to have to deal with: sudden increases in application volume.

Consulting the Experts in Strategic Leadership

January 25, 2019

Recently Inside Higher Education published a comprehensive report on the current state of Strategic Planning in Higher Education, titled “Smart, Succinct and Agile:  Strategic Planning in an Age of Uncertainty.” In producing this report the authors...

The Allure of Artificial Intelligence

January 16, 2019

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens writes in his article How Plato Foresaw Facebook's Folly, “The deeper reason that technology so often disappoints and betrays us is that it promises to make easy things that, by their intrinsic nature, have to...

Freeland/Maguire Strategic Leadership Services (4/4)

September 10, 2018

A plan is only a plan. Success requires sustained effort over time and adjustments as the ongoing monitoring process identifies unexpected barriers to progress or changes in environmental conditions. These monitoring activities should be linked to...

Freeland/Maguire Strategic Leadership Services (3/4)

September 10, 2018

Freeland/Maguire believes colleges, universities, systems and their leaders are well served by having a formal strategic plan that provides a basis for prioritizing organizational work and allocating scarce resources on a year-to-year basis. We also...

Freeland/Maguire Strategic Leadership Services (2/4)

September 10, 2018

Square one in strategic leadership for a new executive is defining the “better place” toward which to point the institution. For want of a better term, we call it the “vision.” That destination builds on the essential characteristics of the...

Freeland/Maguire Strategic Leadership Services (1/4)

September 10, 2018

Leadership should be about progress: getting an institution or system to a better place. That better place can be defined differently depending on leadership goals, institutional capacities, and external constraints, but maintenance is not enough,...

Checkers vs Chess in Awarding

August 10, 2018

After our previous message, some industry colleagues informed us that they had thought they had been doing individualized awarding, but upon our inspection, they were merely receiving individual awards.

Help Drive Your Class Composition

July 29, 2018

Female engineers. Out of state students. Education majors. Every institution has its unicorn, and some don’t have the opportunity to increase their odds simply by admitting a higher volume of applicants. Your class composition stems from that...