Vision and leadership can transform an institution: Northeastern University's story.

The story of Northeastern is a transformative one. From 1996-2006, Northeastern changed perceptions about itself, changing the university.

Richard Freeland, former President of Northeastern University, and principal of Freeland/Maguire Strategic Leadership Services, has written and published a new book, Transforming the Urban University.

In it, Richard explains the pivotal years at Northeastern University, from 1996-2006, and how the University became the highly selective academic powerhouse it is known as today. Get the entire context of the changes, how it fits into a national discussion, and what was necessary to foster this growth.


This is what people are already saying:

"An excellent institutional history written by an acute inside analyst, Transforming the Urban University evaluates the experiences of Northeastern over almost a half century of dramatic change in the context of developments in Boston, in Massachusetts, and in the United States during an important period in American higher education."

Philip Altbach, Boston College

"Richard M. Freeland tells a compelling story about one of the most truly remarkable transformations of an American university at the turn of the twenty-first century. Given Northeastern's amazing surge in reputation—reflected especially in its U.S. News ranking but also in applications, among other things—this is a story that is of interest to practically every higher educational professional in the country."

Richardson Dilworth, Drexel University

In an era of school closings and consolidations, this story is more applicable than ever, and holds insights that can be applied to those who are currently struggling.

Richard is available beyond the pages of the book. With his powerful team of experts, Freeland/Maguire Strategic Leadership Services intends to bring similar successes to partner institutions.

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