Melt Will Increase in 2020, Unless You Control It


Our NACAC CEPP Vote survey found that 79% of respondents expect that admissions departments from other institutions will continue recruitment (outreach, offering incentives, etc.) after a student has made the decision to enroll elsewhere, now that NACAC has removed prohibitive provisions from the code of ethics. Now COVID-19 has likely made these predictions look conservative in nature.

If you expect these changes, what are you doing to protect yourself from a resulting uptick in melt? What are your options?

We provide predictive modeling that can use your historical data to identify those most at risk of melting. We would tag every student into deciles and consult with you to provide you recommended actions.

Knowing which students are most or least vulnerable is crucial to your decision-making process.

Decide where you can and can't spend money on award appeals. Determine which should be handled with messaging and which with dollars.

Prioritize your limited resources for outreach to those most at risk aiming to protect yield, whether that be phone calls, print pieces, or additional scholarships.

Invite subsets of your enrollees to special virtual events aimed at boosting yield, mitigating melt, and addressing their needs.

Only 12% expected there to be no change in post-enrollment recruitment, so are you changing your strategy? Will your competition?

Ask us how we can help you get from May 1 to September 1 this year.


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Rachel Birchwood, AVP - Enrollment


Culinary Institute of America

We have been extremely pleased with our partnership with Maguire Associates. Using their online dashboard and industry expertise, they provide a data perspective to our enrollment dynamics and financial aid modeling that has been indispensable to our work. The team we work with at Maguire provides a high level of customer service and insights that help us make decisions on a weekly basis to improve our enrollment results.