How to Harness an Increase in Applications


Recently the Washington Post article Early College Admissions by the Numbers expounded upon a situation many admissions teams would only hope to have to deal with: sudden increases in application volume.

While significant application expansion can be a blessing in many respects, there are some potential pitfalls that may keep an admissions team up at night:

graduatesWith a rapid increase of volume, there may be unexpected shifts in demographics.


Your housing is finite, so you may have trouble finding rooms and beds for an over-enrolled class, not to mention change your student-to-faculty ratios.


If there is a quality shift, your financial aid strategy may be leaving you in a hole. Your net revenue per student may drop and your discount rate could soar.


If your institution ever finds itself in this position, we have a number of ways to mitigate risk and harness this influx to achieve difficult goals: financial aid leveraging, our data visualization dashboard, and student recruitment optimization.

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