GDPR is here!

GDPR Blog-3Europe's wide-reaching GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) went into effect on May 25th, 2018, and we've been fielding questions from clients and colleagues about this law. The full regulation and all parts can be read here, but you might find this 3-minute video to be helpful:


With regards to the impact of GDPR, our privacy policy has not materially changed, as we have been in compliance from the start when it comes to all, including European student, data:

We collect only the minimum of data necessary for tracking, and only the information you provide.
We do not share any individual student data or information with advertisers or any other outside entity.
We only transfer data using secure methods.
If asked, we can delete any students' data at any time.
Four of the seven sections of the regulation do not apply to our handling of your student data.






So what should our clients do?

1)  Please anonymize all international student data before sending it to us for tracking (remove street address, email, name).

2)  Once anonymized, there is no need to remove European students entirely from our enrollment management process. We'd unnecessarily lose value in tracking because we take the necessary precautions to maintain your data securely, and if anonymized, we are in compliance with GDPR.

3)  We encourage our clients to work with their legal counsels to determine how their institutions must comply with Europe's new GDPR.

As a "data processor" under this regulation, Maguire Associates is and will remain in compliance for all of our clients.

Do you have more questions? Let us help.