Freeland/Maguire Strategic Leadership Services (1/4)


Leadership should be about progress: getting an institution or system to a better place. That better place can be defined differently depending on leadership goals, institutional capacities, and external constraints, but maintenance is not enough, even in difficult times. Steady-as-you-go doesn’t inspire the best efforts of stakeholders, and tends toward stagnationthere is always a way to improve.

Effective leadership styles vary, but there are constants. One is the importance of strategy. Unless an executive has a vision of the “better place” toward which the institution or system is moving and makes decisions guided by that framework, the likelihood of significant progress is greatly reduced.

Maguire/Freeland Strategic Leadership Services supports campus leaders—presidents, vice presidents, system heads board chairs—in infusing a strategic vision into every aspect of leadership.  Our approach recognizes three distinct contexts for this work:

  1. Articulating and Communicating a Vision;
  2. Planning for Progress;
  3. Managing Within the Vision.

See how we can assist your leadership in a customized and strategic approach.