Freeland/Maguire Strategic Leadership Services (4/4)


A plan is only a plan. Success requires sustained effort over time and adjustments as the ongoing monitoring process identifies unexpected barriers to progress or changes in environmental conditions. These monitoring activities should be linked to annual reviews of the organizational units responsible for different aspects of the plan, as well as annual priority-setting and budgeting activities for those units.

Leading within the framework of a well-defined strategy requires keeping the campus community focused on the strategic plan by reiterating its continuing importance to key stakeholders and constituencies and celebrating achievements as milestones are reached. 

Freeland/Maguire can support this ongoing process through strategic audits that evaluate the continuing soundness of the current strategy in the context of evolving environmental conditions. We also provide spot checks that evaluate the effectiveness of different parts of the institution in achieving the strategic goals for which they are responsible. Freeland/Maguire can also undertake programmatic spot checks to evaluate proposed initiatives with respect to their likely effectiveness in achieving hoped-for goals within the framework of the strategic plan.

With respect to conducting the planning work, Freeland/Maguire can provide leadership directly or support the members of the campus community who are charged to play this role.  Members of Freeland/Maguire’s Roster of Experts and its partner organizations are available to support work on particular issues.

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