Many Returns with Financial Aid Leveraging

Financial aid leveraging is important regardless of your admissions goals. Whether you’re aiming to increase net total revenue, minimize an inflating discount rate, capture high-quality students who have alternative opportunities, boost enrollment in general, or target specific programs or populations, optimizing your aid is essential. And now with COVID threatening the volume of students, it's more important than ever. Many institutions do this in some form (and those who don't, do this instead), but the truly effective method is through data-driven models of aid, specific to your admit pool.

Maguire Associates has more experience than others in this arena, having provided sophisticated modeling for financial aid packages (need and merit) longer than most competitors have been in business. And we have the most experience of anyone in providing you the benefits of individualized awarding or grid awarding that has a foundation of individualized analysis.

Our methods are comprehensive and customized. As your partner, we will steer you to the strategies that will maximize your success, providing returns on multiple goals at once, as well as valuable insight into reforming your processes.

After reading about these recent returns, contact us to get on our "success list" next year:

Student Growth-1

One client boasted the best enrollment total in the college history last year, but is on track to beat that total this year, all while working with Maguire Associates for more than 5 years.


A long-term partner institution increased the average SAT score of 928 over 7 years to 1007 this year (old score converted for consistency), a steady quality improvement of 10+ SAT points per annum.


Another saw yield increase in their modeling population by around 2.5% points while the net total revenue increased by more than twice the cost of our project. Meanwhile, their average test score and GPA improved.

Be sure to read our previous post that explains ways we help clients meet various goals, whether they're seeking to improve net total revenue and control a discount rate, increase quality metrics of specific populations or the class overall, balance demographics of programs and recruit more of their ideal students, or a healthy mix of each.

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