Raising Incoming Class Quality Standards

Often admissions teams feel pressure to increase dollars, quality, and headcount all at once. We can help you achieve multiple goals, simultaneously, however, this message will focus on the goal of class quality, perceived by SAT/ACT scores and GPAs, or metrics of your choosing.

Increasing admits of higher quality students, however defined at your institution, is a good starting point to achieving a class with higher grade point averages or increased average standardized test scores. However, finding and marketing to more students who are a fit can be a daunting and expensive task in a competitive landscape with limited prospects. In that case, use financial aid leveraging to convert specific populations from your current admit pool.

In our decades of working with data from different colleges and universities, we have found that each institution has its own distinctive set of predictors  this has driven our customized approach. We will run many different options with projected trade-offs that show how many more (or fewer) students of varying quality factors you’ll likely yield with changes in awards, at a granular level.

We not only achieve goals for our clients, but continue to improve their results in consecutive years:


A long-term partner institution increased their average SAT score of 928 over 7 years to 1007 this year (old score converted for consistency), a steady quality improvement of 10+ SAT points per annum.


Additionally, during our 10-year relationship, a co-educational, private university has increased the average SAT score among freshmen by roughly 80 points, with a 20-point increase in this cycle alone.


A private California institution has not only increased in SAT for 3 years running by 15 points a year, but has seen an average grade point average improvement of more than 1/16 of a point this year  incredible for such a selective university.

Quality. Revenue. Yield. Class composition. Retention. All of the above. What's your biggest need?

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