Wrangling Your Discount Rate, Increasing Net Total Revenue

Often admissions teams feel pressure to increase dollars, quality, and headcount all at once. We can help you achieve multiple goals, simultaneously, however, this posting will focus on the goal of revenue.

If your priority is to increase net total revenue or gain control over your institution’s discount rate, financial aid leveraging can be the difference maker.

Our service delves into years of your data, identifies the key drivers of enrollment, calculates your price-sensitivity, examines the interaction of a wide range of current policy and financial options related to enrollment goals, and forecasts the effect of institutional aid allocations on enrollment goals, net revenue and institutional aid budgets.

Because our modeling is so precise, we can minimize overspending on student populations that would already enroll, increase award offerings to desired populations that require and would benefit from an extra push, and increase your yield while lowering your discount rate. We will help you make informed trade-off decisions to set achievable enrollment and financial goals and help you track it every step of the way.


One of our long-term partners in the south east has seen an $11.3M increase in net total revenue since 2012, up from $46.1M – that’s more than a 24.5% increase.


A liberal arts university set a goal discount rate for their 2018 enrollment and beat it by 1.9%, leading to a $2.5M increase to their net total revenue.


A California private institution is $3.8M over goal, even while strategically decreasing their incoming class size by nearly 100 students.


A small mid-west school is seeing success in their first project year; this time in 2017 their net total revenue was hovering at $1.9M, but in July of 2018, it’s up above $4M. With their rolling admissions, we are looking forward to seeing the outcome by September.

Be sure to read our previous post that explains ways we help clients meet various goals, whether they're seeking to improve net total revenue and control a discount rate, increase quality metrics of specific populations or the class overall, balance demographics of programs and recruit more of their ideal students, or a healthy mix of each.

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