Help Drive Your Class Composition

Female engineers. Out of state students. Education majors. Every institution has its unicorn, and some don’t have the opportunity to increase their odds simply by admitting a higher volume of applicants. Your class composition stems from that application pool, but we can get it across the finish line using goal-aligned aid packages.

The key here is to avoid overspending on the students who are already likely to enroll, and use those dollars to build specific packaging for desired populations that are data-driven to boost yield. Whether the aim is to increase gender balance or ethnic diversity, pursue more students from out of state, or bolster an under-enrolled set of programs, financial aid leveraging can help you get there.


An east coast university had been worried about the declining male population. Over two years, we helped them back from a critically low proportion of 30.5% male freshmen to 33.3%, and then up to 35.5% males in their newest incoming class. Through targeted aid, we will continue to influence the balance to a sustainable level.


A school in the mid-west launched a campaign to increase diversity. They recruited and admitted many more students of color (+300), and through our awarding structure they not only maintained, but grew the yield for that population.


One of our west coast partners was determined to increase the number of and proportion of students of color. This year the proportion grew 6% points as the headcount increased, and the new students were of higher quality. We saw ACT increase by a point and both GPA and SAT grow.

Student Growth-1

This year, as part of our financial aid project, we helped a major university double the size of their largest science program through predictive modeling projections and the resulting overall strategy for recruitment. With our projections to aid the top of the funnel and our aid leveraging at the bottom, the science program is now over 300 students of similar quality at a higher yield rate.

Quality. Revenue. Yield. Class composition. Retention. All of the above. What's your biggest need?

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