All of Our Experience on Your Side

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When partnering with a consulting firm, you often rely on a designated team for your project's success. And when confronted with a new problem, you must depend on the experience of those core members to navigate the situation.

The high-touch method of Maguire Associates does not limit your experience to your team, because our culture is built on a foundation of collaborative knowledge. We benefit from the fresh eyes of our newer analysts and the deep industry experience of our senior team, including our Founder and our President & CEO.


We host a weekly round-table that we have dubbed "Clinic" for a discussion of ideas and emerging challenges. Clinic is not just a time to seek input for finding optimal solutions for our clients. Our senior consultants add perspectives on outside forces and trends that can affect our models. We discuss challenges before they have a chance to percolate, and our analysts get a chance to learn how their work fits into a larger context.

Does your partner give you this level of attention from the highest levels of the company? Or do you find that a problem must get to the point of escalation before any attention is paid?

Ask us why our clients not only love the work that we do, but how we get it accomplished.


We have worked with Maguire Associates for many, many years. Our work together has ranged from enrollment management consulting, to admitted student research, to extensive collaborative work with financial aid leveraging. Over the years, as we experienced challenges from external market forces, Maguire Associates has consistently been ready with insights, advice, tools, and support. Together, we have managed to weather many storms. Maguire Associates has been a trusted partner in our efforts to reach our enrollment goals.

Kristin Roach  |  Director of Financial Aid  |  University of Saint Thomas