Use Predictive Modeling to Improve Student Recruitment


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Our predictive modeling service for optimizing student recruitment offers data analysis, research, and consulting from the earliest stage of the enrollment life-cycle, up through the point of application. Using quantitative analysis and our extensive recruitment experience, we build custom models to transform raw admission and recruitment data into actionable information to inform your admission strategy. We call it EMPOWR.

An EMPOWR model goes beyond your inquiry data. We append student information available from third party sources, such as the Experian database and the American Community Survey, to forecast inquiry-to-applicant conversion. Using sophisticated machine-learning algorithms, the model can identify the factors that predict conversion and we use them to “tag” all current inquiries with their likelihood of converting to applicants. Throughout the cycle, on a regular basis, we will continue to tag new inquiries and update your pool as students progress. Tagging categorizes inquiries into one of ten probability groups, from “very low likelihood” of converting to “very high likelihood” of converting. Herein lies the strength of this system.


By scoring every student record, we give your team the ability to set priorities immediately, but more importantly, we consult on the many ways you can use this tool to your advantage. Want to limit spending? You can now decide which groups should and shouldn't receive a robust (expensive) print package versus an email-only campaign. Looking for a greater headcount? The tagging lets you quickly determine which 200 students should receive phone calls from your counselors who lack hours in their days to call the entire list. Want to foresee and avoid demography issues? You'll know in advance if your inquiry pool indicates a very different incoming class while there is still time to adjust your recruitment. With EMPOWR you will improve your conversion while developing an inquiry pool with greater predictability.

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Too many colleges and universities resort to a communications plan that treats all prospective students equally. When armed with information about how likely it is that certain prospects will convert to applicants, there is so much more that you can do to achieve multiple admissions goals.

Additionally, reports and discussions that accompany the “tagging” of prospects add tremendous value to our project. Our reports for you will:

  • Form a comprehensive picture of your geographic markets and recruitment conversion realities both at the market level and in connection to specific recruitment efforts;
  • Focus on the prospective students you have the best ability to influence in their application decision; and
  • Identify “fence sitters” in your inquiry pool who will respond to more assertive recruitment efforts.

EMPOWR is so important that it's included in most financial aid leveraging projects, but we can provide it as a standalone service.

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EMPOWR has enabled our Admission and Student Financial Services Office to make decisions that are more strategic. It allows us to cut through the clutter and focus on those with whom we will have the greatest impact, saving us time and money."

Evan Wilson  |  Dean of Admission and Student Financial Services  |  Illinois College