We Are Releasing Our 7,000-Response COVID Survey Report, Free

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During this time of fear and uncertainty, we want to provide colleges and universities answersdirectly from students and from parentsto guide messaging, help applicants, and aid admissions departments across the country make measured decisions. We surveyed half a million fall 2020 prospects to learn how COVID-19 has changed their college decision-making process.  Thus far, we have received nearly 7,000 responses from across the United States.

As we finish gathering the responses and build our report, we want to let you know that we are providing the results for free not just to our partners, but to all of higher ed, because we are in this together.

Below are some of the questions we asked of prospects, their parents, and transfers:

The cities and regions listed below represent the largest metropolitan areas in the United States in random order. Please rate whether you were considering enrolling at an institution in that city or region before the spread of coronavirus. (The same question is asked for "after.")

If youas a parent or family memberwere participating in a virtual campus event during the Spring for a college or university you are considering, what are the three things you would be MOST interested in learning more about?

Has the spread of coronavirus and containment efforts changed your rankings of preferred colleges or universities in any way?

Based on the review of our initial results, some of our partner institutions are already implementing creative new messaging campaigns to help students with their decisions in ways that survey responses identified as most valuable.

Sign up below to be the first to get the report next week, with answers to these questions and more, segmented by student/parent/transfer responses, geography, and more, at no cost. We will release this report via LinkedIn and our blog shortly thereafter.

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We Are in This With You

Context and Background to This Research

Maguire Associates is an education research and consulting firm that advises colleges and universities. In the past few weeks, many institutions have taken actions to reduce or prevent the spread of the coronavirus, including moving classes online and canceling or rescheduling campus events.

The brief survey we launched is designed to collect feedback from prospective students and their parents and family members on their college search in the midst of a pandemic, how the spread of coronavirus is changing their decision-making, and how colleges and universities can best serve them in these difficult and unusual circumstances.

We are already seeing some surprising results by region. Epicenters where we may have expected a flight response are actually showing strong signs of students who want to stay closer to home, providing opportunities for some schools. An increasing number of students are expecting to attend the same institutions, but want to live off campus or commute as first years. Students and parents have rank-ordered what they value in virtual sessions and have specified whether elements of their online experience would be better live or as a recording.

Insights will be provided in the report, including expertise from past trustees, presidents, and successful enrollment managers on staff at Maguire Associates.

Some numbers:

  • Audience: ~471,000
  • Respondents: ~7,000
  • Parents: ~1,200
  • Students: ~5,800

What we do:

Modeling and Financial Aid | Admitted Student and Primary Research | Strategic Leadership and Consulting

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