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Recently Inside Higher Education published a comprehensive report on the current state of Strategic Planning in Higher Education, titled “Smart, Succinct and Agile:  Strategic Planning in an Age of Uncertainty.” In producing this report the authors consulted with the nation’s leading experts on strategic planning, including Maguire’s own Senior Consultant Richard M. Freeland, the Principal of Freeland/Maguire Strategic Leadership Services.

Freeland’s comments in the IHE report emphasized the importance of strategic planning in both the private and public sectors, despite the very real differences between those two planning contexts.

He also noted the danger that strategic planning, which should provide the foundation for institutional work over an extended period, is often viewed by academic leaders as little more than an exercise to satisfy the requirements of accreditors.

Finally, while stressing the  importance of outcome metrics and performance indicators as aids to evaluating progress on a strategic plan, Freeland pointed out that too much emphasis on measurement can be problematic: some institutions err in having so many outcome metrics that the big picture driving the plan gets obscured;  some leaders became so focused on the numbers that they lose sight of requirements for institutional progress that are not readily measured, like buy-in to the plan by faculty and staff.

freeland-1-e1533595659836Richard is featured throughout, and IHE approached him for his expertise in this arena. Read more of Richard's thoughts on strategic leadership and see what he's already done for institutions who have worked with him through Freeland/Maguire Strategic Leadership Services. Then start a discussion on how we can work together to solve real challenges you face in strategic leadership.

He readily sees into the nexus of complex challenges and interpersonal dynamics thus providing the basis for effective action plans. Navigating the complexities of relationships and initiatives with Trustees, building effective senior leadership teams, developing shared governance structures, monitoring internal controls, and maximizing community outreach and advancement efforts represent only a few of the dimensions on which Dr. Freeland’s guidance has been instrumental.    ~William Latimer, President, The College of New Rochelle

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