The Looming Enrollment Crisis [DOWNLOAD]

When a powerhouse in the higher education industry needs a large-scale research study, they go to an industry leader for assistance with and execution of the task. That's why The Chronicle of Higher Education has partnered with Maguire Associates many times for over 15 years.
Our latest partnership with The Chronicle focuses on the perceptions of upcoming enrollment challenges. The trend of growing enrollment and the value of a college degree has already begun reversing in some parts of the country, and predictions of increased competition for fewer students is the norm. We surveyed admissions professionals about current plans for enrollment, their strategies, and their expectations.
Download their full report and consider us for your next research project. Over our 36 year history, we have worked with hundreds of colleges, universities, and secondary schools, designing quantitative and qualitative research for geo-demographic market analysis, competitor scans, program restructuring and launching, prospective student and parent research, admitted student research, and more.
With quantitative research, you can prepare your institution for the future.

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Beyond The Chronicle of Higher Education Report

We executed other research on different topics this year, so more reports will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!

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