The Chronicle of Higher Education Research Report [DOWNLOAD]

When a powerhouse in the higher education industry needs a large-scale research study, they go to an industry leader for assistance with and execution of the task. That's why The Chronicle of Higher Education has partnered with Maguire Associates many times for over 13 years.
Our latest partnership with The Chronicle focuses on the perceptions of decline in American higher education with regard to direction, world ranking, and competitive advantage. The role of technological innovation is central, with insight into whether universities are investing, who are considered the drivers of change, and what factors  staff, finances, etc. are likely to lead to success.
Download their report and consider us for your next research project. Over our 34 year history, we have worked with hundreds of colleges, universities, and secondary schools, designing quantitative and qualitative research for geo-demographic market analysis, competitor scans, program restructuring and launching, prospective student and parent research, admitted student research, and more.

See how we can help you like we did SUNY Geneseo or Fairfield College Prep earlier this year:


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Beyond The Chronicle of Higher Education Report

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Additionally, we executed other research on different topics this year, so more reports will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!