Maguire Associates' work with The Chronicle of Higher Education [DOWNLOAD]

MaguireChronicleHeader.jpgFor more than 13 years now, The Chronicle of Higher Education has tapped Maguire Associates to design and execute multiple large research projects.

Our latest research request was to explore ways higher education leaders are working cross-functionally to make their institutions more efficient, accountable and effective teaching and learning organizations. We aimed to discover how campuses are engaging candidates for faculty and administrative positions in creative ways, and the methods being used to stay competitive when it comes to attracting top faculty and administration. As public funds for higher education continue to shrink, institutions are increasingly relying on fundraising, grants, and other alternative forms of financing. Our research also explores how public institutions are filling in these budget gaps.

We have made a report available for you to download today. Register below to access the findings, including not only a summary of the research goals and methodology, but the breakdown of each question surveyed.

In it, you'll see that 67% of all higher education administrators believe the US higher education system is one of the best in the world. However, thinking ahead 10 years from now, only 60% of all higher education administrators believe it will still be one of the best higher education systems in the world. College presidents were more positive, with 85% in 2014 believing the US higher education system was one of the best in the world, and 79% saying it would be one of the best in the world 10 years from now. Either way, the view is pessimistic, predicting the US higher education system slipping in status.

  • What role should technology have in the future?
  • Are schools preparing and how?
  • Who should be leading change?
  • How do presidents' expectations differ from others in the administration?

Dig into the 60 pages to see what you'll learn about the market, compare feedback with that of your school, and ask us how to prepare your institution for the future. Over our 34 year history, we have worked with hundreds of colleges, universities, and secondary schools, designing quantitative and qualitative research for geo-demographic market analysis, competitor scans, program restructuring and launching, prospective student and parent research, admitted student research, and more.

See how we can help you like we did SUNY Geneseo or Fairfield College Prep earlier this year:



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The Chronicle of Higher Education Report

An In-Depth Report is Available from CHE

The Chronicle issued a report as well, using our findings. This report has executive summaries and interpretations that you may find useful if our research interests you. It does not, however, contain all of the research that is included in our 60-page version.

We executed other research on different topics this year, so more reports will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!