Our solutions to the nationwide decrease in Catholic school enrollment

Are you seeing falling enrollment or fewer qualified applicants?

With their tradition markets dwindling, Catholic schools across the country have entered new territory. In response, Boards have urged school leaders to consider changes to tuition, scholarships, and offerings. Some ponder major substantial structural changes like adding a middle school or transitioning from a single-sex environment to co-education, while others look to marketing campaigns and improved scholarships. Schools have also focused more on alumni development and donor outreach, as they find themselves struggling to compete with high-priced private options and charter schools.

Today’s environment presents school leaders with a "new normal" that demands a sophisticated, strategic response. While some schools have stabilized enrollment and revenue by reaching to new populations and new regions, most school leaders remain concerned about the future where enrollment and finances will likely remain a struggle.

We offer several research-informed solutions to our Catholic school partners to help them plan effectively:

Pricing and Value Research
Are we priced appropriately and competitively? What drives some families to not apply or others to not enroll?
Scholarship and Financial Aid Strategies
Can we make more effective use of financial aid to meet our goals (e.g., enrolling more, increasing net total revenue, etc)?

Geo-Demographic Market Scans
Are there markets that deserve more recruitment efforts? What markets will offer the best returns with additional and targeted efforts?
Comparator/Competitor Assessments
How can we position ourselves more effectively against our competition? Are we focusing on the wrong competitors?

Are these your concerns? We can help.

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