Analyzing your admitted student pool shouldn't be DIY


Would you rather be handed a pumpkin and a knife with instructions, or have an expert in carving execute the job and engage your team through the final result? In this October metaphor, Maguire Associates provides the tailored approach from your admitted student data.

Your admitted student pool will provide valuable insights to help guide admissions and financial aid. As your partner in the process, we tailor survey research to your needs, reporting key findings and recommendations in a guided presentation.

What makes Maguire Associates' admitted student research different from similar services? Other offerings, such as ASQ®, provide you with a kit and recommendations on how to conduct a survey, but leave your team to execute, including the coordination of email campaigns.

Maguire Associates admitted student research includes more.:

  • Full service email launches
  • Insights and analyses on price sensitivity
  • Competitive intelligence: where your admitted students are enrolling; what your competitors offered for financial aid; etc.
  • Live tracking reports by demographic segments during the survey
  • Detailed profiles of non-enrolling students by type of destination institution
  • Instant notifications from students who wish to receive follow-up
  • Top-of-mind impressions of your institution
  • Evaluations of your admissions and financial process, including visit feedback
  • Multivariate analysis to identify the impact of perceptions on enrollment decisions
  • Reports and web presentations that can be used by your team; the preliminary report is available within 24 hours of the survey closure

If you need more information about the different ways our clients use data from an admitted student research project, read our blog post or ask our clients:

"At Xavier University of Louisiana, we wanted to learn more about our admitted students to better understand our students decision-making process to guide our recruitment and messaging strategy. The University had little research to go on, and we needed something that could be turned around quickly to help our planning for the next cycle. Your research helped us to understand what our students are looking for in an institution and the qualities they consider the most. Using this research, we have created recruitment materials that are centered around students' interests and tailored our admissions conversation to answer questions students may have, before they have asked."
Monica C. Scott, Ed.D.
Director of Admissions
Xavier University of Louisiana

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