Admitted student research leads to data-driven action.

As you track your deposits, we urge you to plan research this summer on the decision process of your admitted students. 

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Your admitted student pool will provide valuable insights to help your approach to admission and financial aid. As your partner in the process, we tailor survey research to your needs, reporting key findings and recommendations in a guided presentation. Together, we can answer:

  • How much did aid packages affect non-enrollees' decisions? Would providing more aid pay off in increased enrollment?
  • What perceptions of your institution drive admitted students elsewhere?
  • How does your institution’s value proposition register among admitted students?
  • How does affordability relate to other key influences?


Responses to these questions provide guidance on:

  • Marketing activities and specific messaging to combat misperceptions,
  • Managing net revenue through adjustments in financial aid strategy,
  • Identifying students most likely to convert with additional communication effort, and
  • Orienting admissions staff and faculty involved in recruiting.

In the end, this can aid your enrollment yield goals, helping you to reach them with data-backed understanding that will drive more effective recruitment strategies.

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