Achieve Your Enrollment Goals With A Written Plan: Part 1



A graduate listens during the commencement at Yale Law School on May 23, 2011. A graduate listens during the commencement at Yale Law School on May 23, 2011.

Is your recruitment and enrollment plan up to date? If you haven’t articulated your strategy, crafting an agenda that supports your goals is a large challenge.

In our 30+ years of consulting in higher education, we’ve observed that managers who document plans for the next enrollment cycle are more likely to be successful. Combining trend data with recruitment initiatives gives enrollment managers a broad perspective.

Creating a written recruitment and enrollment plan offers many benefits. Articulating your strategy and sharing it with other stakeholders can garner support and participation from others in your community. This document also guides the daily efforts of the Admission office and reduces the learning curve for new employees when it comes to your overall game plan.

Not only does a written plan protect the institution when there’s an unexpected change of leadership, it also anticipates and addresses questions and suggestions likely to come from trustees, faculty and other administrators. Your first effort at creating a plan won’t be perfect, but starting is the most important thing.

Where to begin? Start by analyzing data from the recent past to gain a better understanding of where you are. Use this information to establish a baseline before setting new and realistic goals that are achievable and clearly defined.

Once you’ve defined your goals, articulate a strategy and the tactics you’ll use to be successful. Tactics are specific actions like targeted emails, social media, campus events and search engine marketing – activities that produce measurable results. Be creative when selecting tactics, and be sure to associate all of them with specific metrics so you can track success over time.

Make sure your recruitment strategy includes tactics that directly engage your community. Students, parents, alumni and faculty can all play a role in making enrollment and admissions programs more successful.

In Part 2, we’ll walk through the final steps to creating a written enrollment/admissions plan: evaluating metrics, involving the staff and sharing your plan with stakeholders.

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