Admitted Student Research

How and why our methods will give you the best value

Our research focuses on three general areas of inquiry:

  • Enrollment Decision:
    • What were the main enrollment drivers?
    • Why do admitted students choose not to attend your institution?
    • Where did these students enroll instead?
  • Other School Enrollment:
    • Why do admitted students choose to attend other schools?
    • How do your institution's financial aid awards compare against other enrollment schools?
  • Your Institution: 
    • What perceived attributes of your institution were influential in the decision to enroll?
    • How did inclusion of awards in acceptance letters impact decisions?
    • How satisfied were the students with awards?

From our efforts you can expect to learn how enrolling and non-enrolling students perceive you as a "first choice" option. We report key drivers among students who choose to enroll and barriers reported among non-enrolling students. For the latter, our survey collects non-enrolled students destinations and can profile students enrolling elsewhere by destination type while determining relationships between net cost and enrollment decisions.

Through price sensitivity analysis our research identifies how much of a difference increases in awards are likely to influence non-enrolling student decisions -- or if they won't. We leverage multivariate statistics to uncover how institutional perceptions drive choice and overall sense of value and collect feedback on admissions process satisfaction (information received, print materials, quality of service, website, campus tours, social media, etc.) that can keep your efforts sharp and fresh.

There's plenty more that we offer, and for our repeat clients, we also compare these trends over time. All of these insights are provided in a guided presentation, where we collaborate on recommendations to foster success.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why conduct admitted student research?
A: Clients come to us for several reasons. They:

  • wish to better understand their brand image, particularly with key student audiences.
  • seek student and family feedback on the admissions and financial aid process to improve future efforts.
  • want more guidance on financial aid awarding and strategy.
  • desire more feedback regarding competitors in relation to their own school.
  • want all of these insights in an affordable research project along with the expertise of a team that can help with iterpreting the data and lead future efforts.

Q: Why Maguire admitted student research?
A: Maguire Associates' Admitted Student Research provides better value than other options.

  1. Exceptional customization: There are other offerings that don't quite offer the depth and breadth of Maguire Associate's admitted student research projects. We offer a full-service and unbiased look under the hood of your processes, rather than provide someone on your team with a standard questionnaire and some basic instructions for execution. 
  2. Greater sophistication: The methods use multi-variate analysis to delve into what makes up the population of enrollees and non-enrollees, as well as subsets of the non-enrollees who attend competitors.
  3. More involvement: Maguire will walk you through the results, not only with in-depth reporting, but with the assistance of a consultant and partner. You will know what your most effective next steps will be to get the maximum value from this effort.

Q: How long does a typical project take?
A: Assuming a May start, we typically can report results before July. Overall, 4 to 8 weeks.