Customize Your Admitted Student Research 

Take a Fresh Approach & Customize Your Admitted Student Research



Our experts tailor survey instruments to answer your most important questions about the perceptions and behaviors of your admitted students. We deliver key findings and recommendations in a guided presentation.

Refine your recruitment and enrollment strategy with data-driven insights into how students make decisions and how they view your institution and your key competitors. All without taking your team off-task.

We offer more than the old generic solutions to admitted student research; we reduce stress and workload for your team, and deliver actionable insights you can use. Complete the form on this page today to learn more about what a customized admitted student research (ASR) survey could mean for your institution.

A Better Way to Conduct Your Admitted Student Research: 

  • Our experienced team will help you identify the most important questions and concerns

  • Your team won’t need to worry about building surveys, launching email campaigns, or designing incentives to maximize your responses.

  • We deliver custom reports, interpret data, and give actionable recommendations from the responses, all within weeks of kickoff.

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Research Expert: Dr. Yun Jin Rho

Vice President, Research & Consulting Solutions

Yun Jin leads the Maguire Associates research division with the goal of advancing its methods for primary and secondary research on behalf of higher education and K-12 clients.

Coming from academia with a background in cognitive science and psychometrics, Yun Jin applies her training to the online education industry, which she has done for ten years. This experience honed her skills for finding the balance between rigor and relevance in her research.

Her innovative skills are demonstrated by her achievements as the lead inventor for three patents.

Yun Jin received her Ph.D. in Applied Statistics from Columbia University. She also holds an M.S. in Cognitive Science and B.S. in Mathematics and Psychology from Yonsei University.

Maguire Associates wrote the book on enrollment management and has worked with more than 600 institutions over 38 years to implement unique and effective enrollment management, research, and financial aid leveraging strategies.