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Our Secondary and Private Elementary School Offerings

February 27, 2018

Maguire Associates is a research-based consulting firm that serves educational institutions. We’ve been in the business for over 35 years, during which time we’ve provided our clients with the customized insights needed to make strategic...

All of Our Experience on Your Side

February 27, 2018


For Research, Timing is Everything

February 23, 2018

One of the questions clients often come to us with is whether now is a good time to conduct research with key stakeholders (e.g., prospective students, current students, faculty and staff, alumni, etc.). Our response hinges on their research...

Spend Our Time, Not Yours

February 09, 2018

You're already aware of the value of admitted student research in the spring and why it should be part of your admissions plan, but execution can be daunting.

3 Necessary Responses to a Decline in Public Confidence

January 26, 2018

This week, Senior Consultant Richard Freeland is featured again in Inside Higher Ed and his piece, "Recovering Our Lost Public Esteem," mentions three current stumbling blocks for colleges and universities. They are:

Maguire Associates' work with The Chronicle of Higher Education [DOWNLOAD]

December 18, 2017

For more than 13 years now, The Chronicle of Higher Education has tapped Maguire Associates to design and execute multiple large research projects.

The Chronicle of Higher Education Research Report [DOWNLOAD]

December 14, 2017

Pride in Our Partnerships

November 21, 2017

Unparalleled client service is one of our core priorities. We strive to serve beyond client satisfaction, and achieving results is just one piece of that puzzle. We want to become partners to your success. Nothing brings us more satisfaction for...

Stop Looking at Rankings: The Chronicle

November 14, 2017

Maguire Associates' Senior Consultant Richard Freeland, former President of Northeastern University, challenges ratings rancor. Read the case he makes in The Chronicle's (9/12/2017) Point of View column. How did your institution do in U.S. News...

Analyzing your admitted student pool shouldn't be DIY

October 25, 2017

Would you rather be handed a pumpkin and a knife with instructions, or have an expert in carving execute the job and engage your team through the final result? In this October metaphor, Maguire Associates provides the tailored approach from your...